Rain-wave Rain Poncho

Hello and welcome to Rain-wave the home of our original rain ponchos. We started Rain-wave because we wanted a raincoat we could take with us on life’s adventures that wasn't bulky or boring. We were fed up with  frumpy rainwear and wanted something in a beautiful colour or an amazing print, yet we didn't want to just make "fashion rainwear".  It is our mission to create outdoor clothing that is beautiful AND functional.  So we design our prints to bring you joy, we use nothing but the best quality, superior grade waterproof fabrics and we seam tape each poncho throughout to make sure you have a seriously good waterproof coat that protects you from the elements.  We are also proud to say that  all our rain ponchos are manufactured to the highest standards here in the UK.

Throw your rain poncho on over anything (even your winter coat!) and get outside rain or shine.  Whether your walking the dog, out and about with the kids or packing for your next adventure.  Rain-wave ponchos are 100% waterproof, windproof, stylish and geniunely BREATHABLE.  

P.S Want to drop us a line?  Need help ordering?   You can get in touch here or join us on Facebook for news and giveaways.  We'd love to hear from you. 

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